Which national service opportunity is right for me?

National Service opportunities can be a great way to kickstart your career, make connections, gain skills and experience that will apply to any field. On top of all of this, you get the chance to improve a community and meet a need. Many employers want to hire national service alum because of the experience, problem solving skills and other knowledge you gain during your service. As a bonus, many of the national service opportunities have an education award that can go towards student loans or future schooling. After your service, you’ll be a part of a large, diverse network of alumni who have worked on similar projects as yourself and are ready to help you succeed. 

So now that you’re convinced, let us help you figure out the best opportunity for you. Follow the chart below to help you make the right choice. 

AmeriCorps and Peace Corps have the widest range of positions that apply to a variety of career interests. While Teach For America, City Year and Urban Teachers focus specifically on teaching and education, they also provide a number of opportunities for you to develop leadership and professional skills. All of these will make you more prepared and competitive for whatever future career path you choose.

If you would like to explore these options before you graduate, take advantage of these recommendations:

By Claire Michael
Claire Michael