Empowering Black and Latina Women Through Financial Independence

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Empowering Black and Latina Women Through Financial Independence was originally published on The First Gen Coach.

Today’s episode is another Financial Literacy Month conversation, this time with Money Coach Aqura Nicholson. Earning more money doesn’t automatically mean you know how to manage more money. This is something that both Aqura and I had to learn the hard way. In this episode, we talk about the lessons we have learned in our careers and wealth-building journeys. I share how deciding to buy a home was the catalyst that led to me doubling my salary in 10 months, and why this required an internal shift in how I think about money. Aqura emphasizes the need for intentionality in earning more money and the power of financial independence for our communities. We also discuss the misconceptions around working in tech and the transferable skills that can be leveraged to break into the industry.

About Today’s Guest:

Aqura Nicholson is a money coach empowering part-time and full-time women entrepreneurs to master their money right now, so it will serve them at the next income level. Motivated by her own family’s paycheck to paycheck cycle, it became her mission to break this generational cycle and show other women how they can do the same– even if they have debt, struggle with saving, or tend to be over-spenders. Aqura makes money simple, easy, and unrestrictive by helping women to embrace a guilt-free approach to earning, managing, and spending money.

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