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Industrial Designer and Owner, Brew Watch Co.

Jonathan is an Industrial Designer and the Owner of Brew Watch Co., a micro-brand of luxury watches based out of New York City. After graduating from NJIT with a degree in Industrial Design, Jonathan started out working for Movado and …

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Director of Product and Game Design, SimCase

Colton is the Director of Product and Game Design at SimCase, a software design company that sits at the exciting intersection of higher education and gaming, bringing active learning experiences to both college classrooms and workplace training. Colton walks us …

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Drama Teacher, The Langley School

Johanna is a Drama Teacher with The Langley School, an independent Virginia school servicing students from preschool through eighth grade. Not only does Johanna teach acting to her students, she teaches the bigger picture of being in a stage production: …

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Production and Operations Manager, Boston Landmarks Orchestra

Audrey is a Production and Operations Manager with with various orchestras in the Boston area, including the Boston Landmarks Orchestra as well as the world renowned Boston Symphony Orchestra. Whether leading fundraising drives, prepping sheet music, or coordinating the transport …

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Founder and Chief Dreamer, Yogavated Athletics

Travis is the Founder and Chief Dreamer of Yogavated Athletics, a fashion company that collaborates with artists to create limited edition luxury activewear “that motivates and inspires” it’s users. Travis walks us through the lifecycle of a product launch, from …

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