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Field Marketing Specialist, Becker Professional Education

Stephanie is a Field Marketing Specialist with Becker Professional Education. Traveling 3 out of the 5 weekdays, Stephanie visits schools and runs marketing campaigns for Becker’s CPA exam services. Find out how Stephanie’s “elevator pitch” landed her a job she …

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Kristi DeSimone, Director of Communications, Comcast

Kristi is the Director of Communications for Comcast, one of the largest broadcasting and cable companies in the world. Her main job is to make sure all of the company’s front line sales employees are informed on all the products, …

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Marketing and Operations Manager, Innovative Marketing Group

Michael is the Marketing and Operations Manager for Innovative Marketing Group. Based out of North Hollywood, CA, Michael manages the company’s partnership between American Express and Universal Studios, creative different incentives and marketing campaigns to attract potential customers to American …

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Adrienne Accardi, Director of Marketing, Temple University

Adrienne is the Director of Program Management for the marketing arm of Temple University. Her department is in charge of account management, client management, and project management to make sure campus projects stay within budget and meet deadlines.

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Producer, ARAY Productions

Mark is an Executive Producer with ARAY Productions, a Los Angeles-based media production company that focuses on Appalachian-area stories. With his most recent film, Ladies Most Deject, being screened at the Virginia Film Festival, Mark walks us through all the …

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