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Film and Television Director, Self-Employed

Marty is a Director member of the Director’s Guild of America with extensive experience directing for film and television. Working as an Assistant Director for over 25 years on such projects as “Driving Miss Daisy,” “Steel Magnolias” and “Six Feet …

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Marsha Cooke, Senior VP of Content and Community Strategy, VICE Media

Marsha is the Senior VP of Content and Community Strategy at VICE Media, working tirelessly to “strengthen the
internal culture and external perception of the organization.” Marsha brings her 30-plus years of news production experience to VICE, curating weekly content …

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Bryan Terrell Clark, Actor, Producer, and Director; Self-Employed

Bryan Terrell Clark is an established stage and screen actor, singer, producer, director, and storyteller. Currently starring in the role of George Washington in Broadway’s “Hamilton”, Bryan walks us through the life of a stage actor, from morning meditations and …

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Actor, Self-Employed

Michael is a professional stage, film, and television actor based out of New York, NY. With countless walk-on parts on his resume, Michael had a breakout year in 2019, starring in the stage musical adaptation of The Bodyguard, appearing in …

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Project and Communications Coordinator, WTJU 91.1FM

Mary is the Project and Communications Coordinator at WTJU 91.1FM, a variety formatted broadcast radio station in Charlottesville, VA. Although Mary has an “all hands on deck” role, her main responsibilities are producing a weekly news podcast called Soundboard as …

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