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Bri Steves, Recording Artist, Atlantic Records

Bri is a Recording Artist signed to Atlantic Records. Based out of Philadelphia, Bri travels the country both recording vocals and performing live with artists such as Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar. When she wasn’t in class, Bri spent …

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Editor and Photographer, WTOL 11

Aliyah is an Editor and Photographer with WTOL 11 in Toledo, Ohio. Working the second shift that covers the evening news broadcast, Aliyah is responsible for covering news events as a photographer as well as editing video packages for the …

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Copywriter and Strategist, Freelance

Becca is a freelance Copywriter and Advertising Strategist. Working mostly in the digital marketing realm with business-to-business companies, Becca is responsible for the entire lifecycle of a project, from determining her clients’ needs to implementing digital campaigns.

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Senior Vice President, Legal and FCC Compliance, FOX Television Stations

Joseph is the Senior Vice President of Legal and FCC Compliance for FOX Television Stations, one of the largest television network broadcast groups in the world. As the executive in charge of legal and FCC compliance, Joseph handles all of …

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Entertainment Lawyer, American Broadcasting Companies

Stephanie is an Entertainment Lawyer with the American Broadcasting Companies in New York, NY. Having worked in entertainment law for live events, television and film, and theatrical productions, Stephanie gives us an insider’s look at the inner working of a …

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