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Jonathan Palant, Professor and Director of Choral Activities, University of Texas at Dallas

Jonathan is a Professor and the Director of Choral Activities for the University of Texas at Dallas. When on campus, Jonathan is directing two choirs as well as teaching an advanced appreciation of music class. When off campus, Jonathan is …

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K-8 Spanish Teacher, Toledo Public Schools

Donna is a K-8 Spanish Teacher with Toledo Public Schools in Toledo, Ohio. Working with students from kindergarten through 8th grade means handling a wide range of both ages and development. Whereas her 8th grade classes are all textbook-based learning, …

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Program Coordinator, The University of Toledo

Aleiah is the Program Coordinator for the Office of Multicultural Student Success at The University of Toledo. Whether hosting events at area museums or inviting students in for family meals in the office, Aleiah is always striving to make all …

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High School Science Teacher, Central Catholic High School

Patrice is a High School Science Teacher at Central Catholic High School in Ohio. She brings her passion for teaching along with her real-world lab experience to the classroom everyday. Patrice’s day isn’t over when the final bell rings; she …

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Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Laura is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. Her lab works with things related to drug resistance, trying to understand the mechanisms of drug resistance as well as formulating new molecules that could be …

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