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Elementary Teacher, Park Terrace Elementary School

Candace is an Elementary School Teacher with the Park Terrace Elementary School. Currently teaching kindergarten, Candace is helping children learn all of the basics, from counting numbers and shapes to tying shoes and understanding story parts. Find out what Candace …

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Student Management Specialist, Osseo Area Schools

Al is a Student Management Specialist within Osseo Area Schools. His main role is to offer his students the academic, social, and emotional support needed to excel in school.

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Principal, Osseo Area Schools

Michael is a High School Principal with Osseo Area Schools. He runs us through all of the standard tasks expected of a school principal, such as human resources, budgeting, facilities maintenance, and educational course; but with a passion for education …

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Education Coordinator, Kinderberry Hill Child Development Centers

Sara is an Education Coordinator with Kinderberry Hill Child Development Centers. Based out of Minnesota, Sara’s main job is to assist teachers with curriculum training in order to both prepare them for the upcoming school term as well as encourage …

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Professional Tutor, Metropolitan State University

Peter is a Professional Tutor at Metropolitan State University. Working at his alma mater as a tutor, Peter spends his days assisting students with any writing issues, from fixing simple grammatical errors to more complicated tasks such as educating on …

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