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How To Thrive As A Woman In Engineering

 Welcome to a transformative journey for women of color in engineering! Delve into invaluable advice that will help you thrive as a woman of color in the world of engineering. Crystal Thornton, an accomplished engineering manager for the Inventory Management …

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Head of Data Science, Operations, and Quality, Global Patents Organization at Google

Jay is the Head of Data Science, Operations, and Quality for the Global Patents Organization at Google. Based out of San Francisco, Jay’s team leverages data analytics to create systems that enable Google’s inventors to innovate as quickly and well-supported …

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Director of Data Science, Facebook

David is the Director of Data Science for Infrastructure at Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform. His main role is to supervise a team of data scientists who plan, optimize, and understand Facebook’s infrastructure, such as data centers, software …

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Chief Executive Officer, Cloud-based Integration Software

Peyman came to the United States from Iran when he was 17 years old. After owning his own construction business at the age of 18, Peyman decided to go to the University of Connecticut for his degree. With an undergraduate …

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