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Fred Humphries, Corporate VP of US Government Affairs, Microsoft

Fred is the Corporate Vice President of United States Government Affairs for Microsoft. With over two decades of experience at the tech giant, Fred is responsible for providing expertise in policy, outreach and political engagement “that helps advance the company’s …

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Paolo del Vecchio, Director, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Paolo is the Director of Office Management, Technology and Operations at the
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). With over 40 years in the health services industry, Paolo’s role now is to analyze and address various large-scale issues, …

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Kristal Bush, CEO, Bridging the Gap Transportation

Kristal is the CEO of Bridging the Gap Transportation, a nonprofit organization in Philadelphia that provides bus transportation for families visiting incarcerated relatives at state prisons. Having grown up in a family with an incarcerated father, Kristal used her first-hand …

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Disability Rights Advocate, The Ability Center of Greater Toledo

James is a Disability Rights Advocate with The Ability Center of Greater Toledo. His main role is to research different initiatives and programs to send to legislators, developers, and local businesses. A recent project saw James working with the Toledo …

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Licensed Independent Social Worker and Mental Health Therapist, Toledo Counseling and Mental Health

Robyn is a Licensed Independent Social Worker and Mental Health Therapist with Toledo Counseling and Mental Health. Robyn will take 6-10 sessions per day, seeing individuals, couple, and families to assess their mental health and plan a way to overcome …

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