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RISE Unit Leader, The Salvation Army

Nora is the RISE Unit Leader for The Salvation Army in Toledo, Ohio. As the sole full-time staff member on her team, Nora has her hands full developing and executing program initiatives for RISE, or Recovering Individuals from Sexual Exploitation.

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Youth Services Coordinator, The Arts Commission

Natalie is the Youth Services Coordinator for The Arts Commission in Toledo, Ohio. Running the “Young Artists at Work” program means Natalie is always busy fundraising, staffing, and ensuring the program’s success and the participants’s safety. As a true dedicated …

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Attorney and Advisor, Environmental Protection Agency

Nicholas is an Attorney and Advisor with the Environmental Protection Agency. Based out of Washington, DC, Nicholas currently serves on the legal team on detail at the White House. Although his role can encompass advising his clients on all legal …

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Organizer, Toledoans for Safe Water

Markie is the Organizer of Toledoans for Safe Water, a nonprofit grassroots organization in the Toledo area “working to establish a Bill of Rights to protect Lake Erie and the communities that rely on its health and viability.” Starting out …

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Mayor, The Village of Oak Harbor

Quinton is the Mayor of The Village of Oak Harbor in Ohio. A village council member since the age of 19, Quinton was selected by the council at the age of 22 to serve as mayor and has spent his …

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