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Recruitment Manager, TriStarr Staffing

Anna is the Recruitment Manager at Lancaster, PA based TriStarr Staffing. Her overall mission is to simplify the hiring process for her clients. When called on, Anna and her team will take submissions from dozens of candidates, bring them in …

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School Psychologist, Hempfield School District

Erin is a School Psychologist in the Hempfield School District. As one of seven psychologists in the school district, her main role is to consult with teachers, parents, and fellow counselors on how to best meet the needs of the …

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Special Events and Community Outreach Coordinator, Excentia

Kayla is the Special Events and Community Outreach Coordinator for Excentia, a nonprofit whose mission is “to provide those supports necessary to enable people with developmental needs to live as independently and fully as they desire within the community.”

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Manager of Communications & Volunteer Engagement for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, NJ Metro Chapter

Emily Borsetti is the manager of Communications & Volunteer Engagement for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, NJ Metro Chapter. Boresetti is in charge of all of the chapter-wide communications, public relations, social media, and “MS Connections” the quarterly magazine.

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Volunteer Coordinator, College Student Mentors, Americorps VISTA

Andrew is a Volunteer Coordinator with Americorps VISTA, a national service program created in 1965 to fight poverty in America. Andrew’s main role is to encourage current college students to enroll as student-mentors in the program. If you’re looking for …

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