2024 COVID Information Commons (CIC) Student Paper Challenge

The COVID Information Commons (CIC) invites students from higher education institutions around the world to synthesize a 4-5 page research paper that considers trends or topics that could contribute to COVID recovery, health and scientific insights, future discoveries, and innovations.

The 2024 CIC Student Paper Challenge is open to undergraduate and graduate students at public and private universities, colleges, and community colleges. Recent graduates (within the last 12 months) are also welcome to participate!

The CIC SPC webpage (https://covidinfocommons.datascience.columbia.edu/content/2024-cic-student-paper-challenge) provides more information about the event, including step-by-step instructions on how to participate, research prompts and challenges, free resources, and FAQs.

We welcome you to join us, and please share this invitation with others who might be interested. The event is free. Any questions, please email er3101@columbia.edu.

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