30+ Best Tips on How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Preparing for an interview requires more effort than just Googling a list of common interview questions (though, yes, you should 100% be ready for those). In today’s job market, recruiters are flooded with resumes and applications within hours of a post going live, so if you manage to land a meeting, it’s worth putting in the time to ensure you ace it.

Every company has a different process for interviewing potential candidates—and to some degree, that process is unpredictable. For instance, even if you find a ton of sample interview questions for that specific organization, there’s no guarantee you’ll be asked the exact same ones.

The goal of interview prep is to learn and practice as much as possible so you can feel confident and ready for anything (even questions you don’t have an answer to, which we’ll discuss how to handle later on).

To help you prepare, we compiled a list of our all-time best interview tips—backed by some of the most highly regarded career guides, creators, and advisors out there today. We’ve got 30 plus tips on this list, so strap in, take some notes, and prepare to nail your interview.

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By The Muse editors
The Muse editors