Course to Career

Meaningful career content for your course in just 2 hours a semester.

Evidence shows that career learning can greatly influence retention among low-income students, and that nearly 50% of all students who do not complete leave due to lack of understanding the connection to their courses and their lives or career aspirations. (AASCU, 2022).

Career Services would appreciate your partnership in bringing career concepts into your classroom. With very little disruption to your syllabus, and support from our team, your students will better understand the connection between course content and their future career options.

Course to Careers brings career concepts into your course in 4 easy steps:

Career Discussions
A 15-minute discussion about your career journey to share with students

Industry Panels
A 45–60-minute industry expert or panel discussion

Networking Tips
A 15-minute discussion about networking

Career Workshops
A 25–30-minute Career Services workshop

Course to Career Benefits

  • Invitation to the End of Semester Appreciation Breakfast and Award
  • Closer connection with your students
  • Resources and support from Career Services

If you are interested in participating, please connect with your Career Services Specialist, or complete the consultation request form below.

ASU Faculty/Staff Consultation Request Form

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