Career fairs are great opportunities for everyone!

Why attend a career fair? While fairs are great places to find jobs and internships, that is only one of many great reasons to attend! If you are not quite ready for the job search, here are a few more ways to use the career fair to advance your future:

  • Give yourself the opportunity to get comfortable in the career fair environment.
  • Practice presenting yourself as a professional. Introduce yourself to the employers, observe how others are dressed and figure out what you would like to bring with you.
  • Explore many careers in one place. There are an infinite number of opportunities out there, many at organizations you have never heard of. Career fairs can change your perceptions and expand your options.
  • Network with potential employers, career services staff and other attendees.
  • Get tips straight from recruiters on how to get hired. Ask questions about their preferences on resumes and how to prepare for interviews.

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