Sending a loved one to college can be challenging and full of emotions. Learn how to support your student during their final year of high school by taking our Articulate Course!

Demystifying college

I’m worried I can’t afford it.
ASU offers a wide variety of scholarships and financial aid, making college possible for you. Search for scholarships here: ASU Financial Aid and Scholarship Services.

Be sure to complete a FAFSA! The FAFSA is the first step in determining the actual cost of education. It will also be used for many scholarship applications to determine eligibility and amount of awards.

For more information on financial assistance and important deadlines, review our Special Financial Assistance Programs!

During your time at ASU, you might consider working on-campus. To find out if you’re eligible and to learn more about on-campus jobs, check this page out: ASU Student Employment

Is college actually worth it?
Yes! College is still worth it. We are experiencing a shifting job market looking for more and more bachelor’s degrees for entry-level jobs. According to the Institute for Higher Education Policy, graduates see a return on their investment within 10 years.

I shouldn’t go to college unless I know exactly what I want to do.
It’s quite common for students to enroll in college as undecided and declare a major when they feel more confident about what they want to do. It is also quite common to switch majors one or more times during your college career – and this is okay!

You’ll get a better understanding of what you actually want to do as you immerse yourself in your coursework, part-time jobs, volunteer work, internships, etc.

I don’t need college to get a job.
As stated above, we’re experiencing a job market that places high value on a bachelor’s degree and beyond. Having a college degree can pave the way for career and pay advancement as well as set you apart from others applying for the same jobs as you.