International Students

As an international student at ASU, you bring sought-after skills and experiences to your coursework and job search! ASU recognizes the unique considerations of working and studying internationally and has outlined resources to help you find career success.

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Unlock Your Career Potential at Global Career Network @ASU

Discover the potential of your career with the Global Career Network at Arizona State University, a dynamic community dedicated to the professional growth of international and domestic students. Engage in our diverse array of programs, including professional development workshops, recruitment sessions, networking events, and many more. Join us today and embark on a journey to enhance your global career prospects and build lasting professional connections.

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Interstride is designed for international students and everyone looking for global opportunities.

Search for international jobs, explore country insights, find immigration information for working abroad, all in one portal!

Launch your dream career using Extern.

Search and apply for externships to gain real work experiences with Fortune 1000 companies.

Explore organizations hiring Sun Devils

International Sun Devils find themselves at a wide array of organizations and companies. Whether you are looking for a summer internship or full-time job, consider starting your search with the resources below.

Build your resume

Resumes used in the United States may be different than what is used in other parts of the global community.

Most companies in the United States ask for a resume, not a CV. Build your resume with the resource below.

Interview in the United States

Practice your interviewing skills from anywhere at any time with Create an account with your ASU email address and access interview preparation materials tailored just for you.

With, you can practice your interview confidence by recording and reviewing your answers to common interview questions. When you are ready, you can even submit your recorded responses to our career team for valuable feedback.

Looking to gain experience?

ASU offers a variety of opportunities available to international students.

Working in the United States

Ready to work? Review best practices for office etiquette, wardrobe and time management expectations in the United States.

Build your network

Networking is critical to your professional success in the United States. Review the content below and create your network!


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