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Land your dream job

Take the time to identify positions that are truly exciting for you, and take time to tailor your materials to make the best first impression. Use the resources below as you search for your next opportunity!

Explore hiring organizations

Research companies to better understand their company culture and alignment with your values. Whether you want to work with Fortune 500 company or a small start-up, it is important to seek opportunities that align with your preferences.

Below is a list of suggestions as you begin researching potential opportunities.

  • Connect with current employees on LinkedIn
  • Connect with the company at ASU Career Fairs, or on LinkedIn.
  • Read company reviews on Handshake
  • Review the companies website.
  • View the company’s social media accounts.

Build your application materials

Take time to build and tailor your application materials to each job that you apply to.

After applying, what should you do next?

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Explore occupations by career categories and pathways and use real time labor market data to power your decision making.

First, choose an industry of interest, then filter for occupation. (If you'd like to see data for a specific location only, filter by state.)

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Search for a job or internship

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Take time before your next interview to practice and prepare.

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