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Show Them Better Than You Can Tell Them was originally published on Young Black and Professional.

This week we are talking with Alex Tsado, who has made major waves in the world of Artificial Intelligence & Business! He operates at the intersection of disruptive technology, community economics, and historical regenerative philosophies, as they apply to the future of the global African and underrepresented communities. Alex is discussing his transition from leaving Nigeria to attending Columbia University & receiving his degree in Electrical Engineering. He has worked for companies such as Nvidia, leading go-to-market for their fastest-growing business, cloud AI computing, and now runs his own AI company, Ahura AI. He has been able to merge his expertise in electrical engineering, AI & business to develop something to assist people with navigating how AI will ultimately transform the workplace. Alex’s ultimate goal is to bring the full power of technology into the black community.

Here’s what we’re discussing today!

  • Navigating Cultural Barriers: Alex shares his personal experiences of overcoming cultural barriers during his college years, offering valuable insights and advice for those facing similar challenges.
  • Turning Doubt into Fuel: Learn how to use skepticism and doubt as catalysts for your success, as Alex delves into his own journey of proving his capabilities.
  • The Power of Mentors & Sponsors: Discover the transformative impact of mentors and sponsors in Alex’s life and how they played a pivotal role in propelling him to new heights.
  • AI’s Transformative Influence: Gain a deeper understanding of how Artificial Intelligence is set to reshape the world and the workplace, and how Alex is actively working towards bringing its benefits to the black community.

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Tune in to this inspiring episode on your preferred podcast platform, and let Alex’s story and insights serve as a source of motivation and empowerment as you navigate your own professional journey.

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