Lovelace Biomedical Research Institute

Company Overview

Lovelace Biomedical Research Institute is a not-for-profit research organization with a rich history of helping its governmental, pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners achieve great things. Over nearly seven decades, we have built a reputation for leveraging a multidisciplinary toolset to push the limits of preclinical research all while offering a streamlined customer experience, with fast, direct and personal access to our industry-leading scientific experts. As a non-profit, Lovelace Biomedical invests and partners with our basic science partners that help deepen our bench.

This includes our Lovelace Biomedical basic science division that focuses on respiratory and infectious disease along with aerosol sciences, and our Mind Research Network division performs research on clinical and nonclinical neuroscience.

Company Highlights

  • Unique Training Opportunities: LBRI and MRN provide hands-on training and experience with cutting edge research equipment and techniques.
  • Multi-disciplinary Research: We have research projects in biology, chemistry, microbiology, immunology, neuroscience, aerosol sciences, animal sciences/veterinary research and a variety of other focus areas.
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness: Work at LBRI and MRN is eligible for credit towards Federal student loan forgiveness programs.
  • Sign-on and Relocation Opportunities: Most LBRI and MRN positions are eligible for sign-on bonuses and we will provide funds to help you relocate to Albuquerque.