National Security Agency (NSA)

About NSA

NSA’s signals intelligence (SIGINT) mission collects intelligence about our foreign adversaries. Our cybersecurity mission safeguards critical U.S. information. Both of these duties demand a team of technical experts as well as business and HR professionals, linguists, intelligence analysts, communications specialists and more. We have career opportunities in 17 different fields, so there is truly something for everyone.

Company Highlights

Great Experience Before Graduation
Students can spend a summer or more at NSA getting paid, real-world, resume-boosting experience. You’ll learn from experts in your field and form new connections with peers from around the country. We have internships for undergrads, graduate and doctoral students, and co-op programs for underclassmen.

Benefits that Fit Your Life
NSA supports its diverse workforce through benefits and opportunities that foster both work-life balance and career development. Along with a fantastic federal benefits package and a generous amount of paid time off, we also offer flexible hours, relocation assistance, robust well-being services, and countless opportunities to advance your career through training and mentorship.

Many Voices, One Mission
NSA is committed to creating a workforce that has a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences, skills, knowledge, and perspectives. Our mission depends on it! For us, diversity is about cultivating an environment where talented individuals of all backgrounds can contribute and feel seen, heard, valued and supported.

Job Security in Protecting National Security
NSA’s work isn’t subject to market volatility or economic downturns. The threats to our nation never stop – and neither do we.

Employer Testimonies

Bailey B.
Chief, DIB Defense
“I love working at NSA every day because I get to be a small part of a big team that makes really important things happen.”

Connor M.
“The development skills I’ve learned have opened my eyes to the endless opportunities I’ll have after school.”

Jonathan M.
Software Engineer
“There are lots of really good training opportunities for individuals to go to and thrive in. You can take your career in whatever direction you’d like to go.”

Lisa W.
Deputy Director, Digital Network Exploitation Analyst Development Program
“The best advice I could give to someone who is contemplating a career at NSA is to feel free to come as you are, where you can bring your whole self to work. You will walk the hallways and find individuals who may look like you and others who will be different from you, and you may even identify with people from various cultures and experiences. They will be embraced to leverage their innovative ideas and will be given the opportunity to think outside the box with individuals from various ranks and job titles.”