Read Better Be Better

Company Overview:

Read Better Be Better is an education nonprofit organization focused on solving Arizona’s literacy crisis. We work with partnering schools throughout the state to connect young readers and youth leaders to inspire a love of literacy and learning. Since 2014, we have served thousands of Arizona students through our afterschool and at-home reading programs in over 60 schools and multiple community-based organizations across Maricopa and Pinal counties. Each school semester, we have expanded to serve even more kids, schools, and families. That means our team is growing! We’re seeking new team members who appreciate: a mission-driven, collaborative community of passionate and creative individuals.

Positive Social Impact
We are a team inspired and driven to make a positive impact in the community. Whether a part-time Program Coach working directly in a classroom or a full-time team member operating out of the RBBB main office, we contribute to an organization passionate about education equity and social justice.

Investment in Learning & Growth
Because we truly embody a love of learning, we have robust professional development opportunities to help you at every stage of your career. We provide internships, formal professional development sessions, and various types of mentorships within our organization.

Excellent Perks & Benefits
From our casual dress code around the main offices, flextime and a generous Paid Time Off policy for full-time employees to offering dental and vision plans and medical insurance options with 75% employer contributions, our multitude of benefits are competitive, balanced and forward-thinking.

Commitment to Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
We are committed to our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement. We seek and are grateful for any opportunity to listen, learn and grow from exposure to different perspectives. Each year, we extend to all our team the opportunity to participate in our rotating EDI committee.

ASU Alumni Spotlight

Alex Peck
Program Manager

“Attending ASU and pursuing a major in Justice Studies has profoundly shaped my career at Read Better Be Better. ASU’s program equipped me with a deep understanding of social justice issues, fostering skills that align seamlessly with the organization’s mission of improving literacy and fostering a love for reading in young students. The program at ASU provided invaluable insights into addressing systemic challenges and advocating for change, which was pivotal in my career development. The fusion of ASU’s comprehensive education with my work at Read Better Be Better allows me to contribute meaningfully to creating a more just society.”

Dylan Bradsby
Human Resources and Tech Assistant

“Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources has been instrumental in equipping me with the comprehensive knowledge and skills needed to excel in my role at RBBB. Through my coursework, I gained a deep understanding of organizational behavior, employee management, and strategic planning, allowing me to adeptly navigate the complexities of the workplace. Additionally, my education in employee training and development has enabled me to create impactful programs that foster skill enhancement and career growth. I am also well-versed in employment law and regulations, ensuring that my decisions and actions consistently uphold ethical and legal standards. Overall, my bachelor’s degree in Human Resources has not only enriched my knowledge base but has also provided me with the practical expertise to contribute effectively to the success of RBBB while fostering a positive and supportive work environment.”

Ethan Groom
Recruitment Outreach Coordinator

“Attending ASU was a transformative journey that not only equipped me with invaluable skills but also shaped my professional trajectory. The dynamic and inclusive environment fostered at ASU provided me with opportunities to cultivate strong communication, organizational, and leadership abilities. Through engaging coursework and collaborative projects, I honed my ability to connect with diverse individuals and tailor my outreach efforts effectively. These competencies have seamlessly translated into my role as a Recruitment Outreach Coordinator at RBBB, enabling me to drive impactful and personalized engagement strategies with potential candidates. ASU’s emphasis on experiential learning and real-world application has undoubtedly been the cornerstone of my success in navigating the intricacies of recruitment and fostering meaningful connections within the community I serve.”