Renaissance Financial

Founded in 1994, many of the same faces that were around when we started the firm are still in our office today. This is a result of the mentorship and tools we provide to encourage our team’s success. Renaissance Financial is headquartered in St. Louis, and has additional offices in Omaha, Kansas City, and Phoenix, just up the road from ASU. Connect with our recruiter to hear more about our opportunities.

Friendly Environment
At Renaissance, we work hard on behalf of our clients, but we enjoy ourselves, too. Each of our offices strives to build a community and have fun with each other. There are often group activities or get-togethers to interact with your team outside of the office.

Competitive Compensation and Training
Renaissance offers a highly competitive compensation to start your career, and tremendous career growth. While in training, you will receive an activity-based salary with commissions and bonuses, as well as recognition designed to reward your business growth.

Building Diverse Talent
Mentoring is provided by managers who are accessible, invested and enjoy sharing their experience and insights. Our responsibility to serve others from all walks of life is of the utmost importance to us and we cannot do that without understanding systemic change. Renaissance is committed to diversity, equality and inclusion in our practices.

Client- Focused and Community Minded
Renaissance Financial is committed to making a difference in the community around us. Through volunteering and philanthropy, we partner with organizations throughout the year to serve populations near our offices and around the world.