Who is TSMC?

TSMC is a world-leading dedicated semiconductor foundry that pioneered the pure-play foundry business model in 1987. The company supports a thriving ecosystem of global customers and partners with the industry’s leading process technologies and portfolio of design enablement solutions. TSMC’s Arizona facility, located near Phoenix, is poised for exceptional growth in response to the increasing demand for semiconductor chips in the US.


TSMC’s connection with ASU

Arizona State University is working to prepare for the opportunity presented by the CHIPS and Science Act, which was signed into law less than six months ago, releasing $52 billion over five years for a push to improve national security technology. Arizona is set to be a major player in this initiative, thanks to a large investment by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), which is building two chip-fabricating centers in north Phoenix. ASU will be involved in several ways, including workforce development, increasing the number of engineers, and in bridging the critical “lab to fab” gap, the time lag between when technology is invented and when it’s ready to be fabricated and put into use.

Working at TSMC Arizona would provide students and alumni from Arizona State University the opportunity to be part of a global company that values integrity, commitment to stakeholders and society, and innovation. Additionally, TSMC’s investment in the Arizona facility demonstrates their commitment to the local community and offers students the opportunity to be a part of a company that is making a significant impact in the semiconductor industry.