Career Services Presentation Descriptions

Crafting an Application
Your resume (or CV) and cover letter are your first chance to make a great impression. Whether you are creating your first draft, or getting ready to apply for opportunities, this session will explain how to best highlight your qualifications in your application documents. We will cover the differences between resumes and CVs, then move on to how the structure, content, and flow of your documents. 

Preparing for an Interview
There is a lot on the line at a job interview. Effective preparation is the key to confidence. In addition to general interview preparation, we will discuss the types of interview questions along with strategies for providing concise but complete answers that best demonstrate your qualifications.

Career Exploration
Have you ever wondered what it actually means to explore careers? In this presentation we will discuss the importance of evaluating your values, interests, skills, and knowledge to find career paths that align with who you are and what you want. We will explore how to maximize your time here at ASU to gain experience to explore your career.

Intro to Career Services
Who is Career Services? Do we just review resumes? Nope! We do much more than that and this presentation will outline the different aspects of our department and how you can leverage our resources to find career success.

Job or Internship Search:
If you are looking for your next professional opportunity, please join Career Services for this session to create your personalized strategy. You will leave this session with goals and a search plan to keep you focused and organized. Your detailed plan will include both online searching and networking.

Networking & LinkedIn
Networking is a critical component of your professional development. In this session we will discuss networking online with LinkedIn. You’ll learn how to build and activate your LinkedIn profile to maximize your online presence. We will also explore opportunities for networking in-person and share tips on how to make a great impression.

Preparing for the Career Fair
Interested in attending one of ASU’s hiring events? Join our team as we discuss best practices to prepare for and be successful at the next hiring event that you attend! We will review the various hiring events that are hosted each semester and discuss how you can prepare for a career fair, internship fair, or hiring event both in person and virtually. 

Professional Etiquette
Professionalism can mean many things and is different from industry to industry and from person to person. In this session we will discuss the basics of professionalism and how to still bring your authentic self to work, school, or any professional setting you will encounter. 

How to use Handshake
Handshake is an incredible resource for finding job and internship opportunities, connecting with career services, and staying informed about career fairs and networking events. In this quick session, we will cover setting up your profile, customizing the platform to best meet your needs, and cover all of the functions. 

Graduate School
Have you decided that the next journey in your career is graduate school? This session will give you a crash course in exploring graduate school and preparing your application materials. From GRE to personal statements, we will provide you with the knowledge you need to take this next step in your professional life.

Informational Interviewing
Have you heard of informational interviewing or career interviews? This is a great way to gain knowledge from an industry professional in a field you’re interested in. Curious about how to become a psychologist? Want to learn more about geological engineering? Join this session to learn how you can reach out to an ASU alumni to explore any career or industry.

On-Campus Job Search
On-campus jobs are a great way for students to find meaningful employment that will help them develop core competencies necessary for their professional development. In this session, we will help you identify ways to apply to on-campus positions and craft your application materials necessary to apply. 

Federal Job Search
So you’re ready to work for the federal government? The next step is crafting an impressive resume that follows the federal guidelines for applications. Writing a federal resume looks substantially different than writing a resume for any other field. We will walk you through the USAJobs site and how to use it to build the perfect resume. 

Developing a CV
Your resume CV is a first chance to make a great impression. Whether you are creating your first draft, or getting ready to apply for opportunities, this session will explain how to best highlight your qualifications in your CV. We will cover what a CV is, when it’s used, and what sections to include.